Last Minute Preparations

Did some last minute preparations today for our upcoming vacation.
Tomorrow I have to do the last load of wash and some cleaning up to do.
Veronica and I got a friends of ours to house sit.
He will be coming over tomorrow around noon.
Part of the arrangement is that we provide him food for the time we are away.
So tomorrow morning I also need to hit the grocery store for his provisions.
Veronica and I will leave to start our vacation in the afternoon.
We head to Norfolk where we have hotel reservations for the night.
Then we have to get up early Tuesday morning to catch a flight to Newark.
The flight there is just over an hour.
Then we get to spend the rest of the day in the Newark Airport. Yes it does sound like fun now doesn't it?
I really wish they had movie theaters built into the airports...something to help pass the time.
Veronica and I each have a book so hopefully that will keep help us to pass the time.
Our overseas flight on Virgin Atlantic does leave until around 9:20PM.....a very long day to hang out in an airport and Newark none the less.
I will catch everyone up on our journeys and adventures upon our return home.
I am sure that I will have plenty of photos and stories to tell.
See you on the flip side.
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