The Beat Goes On And On And On

The last several days have been hectic to say the least. Been busy with the arrival of all new appliances and tearing our old carpet and really old vinyl flooring, which was under the carpet. Plus there was another unwanted surprise thrown in for good measure.
Veronica and I got all new major appliances during Home Depot's 4th of July Sale that lasted until July 11th. Due to our hectic schedule we ended up not being able to make our purchases until the evening of the 10th. We ended up getting some really good deals and saved some money.
We got a Samsung 5 burner stove

A huge Samsung French door fridge with a huge freezer down below. This thing is massive and has some really cool (no pun intended) features

A special compartment for meats and cheeses

A big freezer section with a top sliding tray

We also got ourselves a Maytag front loading washer/dryer. So many little time. It will take me a year to figure out how to use it properly. I did a load of wash yesterday. I pressed some buttons and hoped for the best. I have no idea what i did but it worked...clean clothes and everything still works. 

The old stuff was put in the garage awaiting pickup to be re-used

Put the other Samsung in the garage next to the old but still working well fridge

Below is the new laundry sink and cabinet that will be installed after the flooring gets put in. 
 A pile of goodies for the soon to be new master bathroom

I spent this morning pulling up all of the old carpet and tacking strips from the master bedroom
Much to my surprise....there was more tile under the carpet. Before I found this section we were only planning on removing a small 2' x 2' section of tile, replacing it with hardwood flooring. Looks like the price of tile removal just went up. The tile color won't go with the colors we have chose in general.  

Took the carpet out of the half bathroom that is in the foyer, only to find vinyl flooring. Luckily the hardwood flooring can go on top of the vinyl flooring without any issues

Same thing in the laundry room...carpet over vinyl 

Once again...carpet removed from upstairs bathroom. Under the carpet was vinyl flooring. I made the mistake of taking off the old vinyl flooring. It came up but left quite a bit of the paper backing still glued onto the wood floor. It took me all day to scrape and finally sand the glued paper off of the wood floor. Sanded it down flat enough where the the new flooring will lay down nice and flat on it without any high spots. The photo below is how I learned my lesson and left the vinyl flooring intact in the other locations.  

I think this photo says a lot...the old and the new. Pile of old carpet, pile of old carpet pad in the plastic bags, pile of old carpet tacking strips in the box and new stove waiting to be installed after the kitchen makeover.

I found out today that it might not be until 3rd week in September that our bathrooms will get started. Our kitchen remodel is supposed to start sometime around then too so we will have to do one right after the other. Everything is being pushed back further for the start dates. I won't let 2 remodels going at one time. And I won't be letting any carpet or flooring be done until after the bathrooms and kitchen are completed. And of course there is the painting of the entire inside of the house including the ceilings. Oh...I almost forgot the window blinds and such. All new lighting will be put in along with new fire detectors.
We have such a long ways to go on this journey and I am totally exhausted just thinking about it.
Feels like nap time to me.

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