My Journey Continues

Good morning folks. Well, I just got back from seeing oncologist. He was very re-assuring and had a great calming effect during our talk. He said that the report was telling me that something was not right or normal with the cells in the area on the right side of my tongue, where the raised white spots are. He said that it is normal practice and really the only way of truly finding out if there is anything more going on, by doing the additional surgery. He told me that there is a 90% chance that nothing cancerous will be found and the findings from the next surgery will tell a more complete story. There were no other options available. No x-rays or scans that could be done to determine if there was a problem deeper under the skin tissue. Dr. Cross set me up with an appointment to see him about 1 week prior to us going up to Canada for vacation, which is the 2nd week in Sept. He wants to see me after the surgery is completed and after I receive the findings from this surgery. Dr. Cross also gave me 2 scripts for drugs. Some pills for anxiety for just prior to the surgery and some heavy duty pain pills for after the surgery. I really like to have everything set up so that after the surgery I don't have to go out and get the pills. That is something that I never could understand. A person goes through surgery and on their way out the doctors door or wherever the surgery took place, they are given scripts for drugs to ease the pain etc. I don't think that the doctors get it. Who wants to be going to a drug store and waiting around the get a script or scripts filled before being able to go home and just vedge out in bed. Who wants to deal with that. That is one thing that has always frosted my twinkies. At least this time it got taken care of before the surgery. What a novel concept!!!
With the info that I got from Dr. Cross, I called the oral surgeon and set up the surgery for this upcoming Tuesday, 7/29 at 2PM. As much as I am dreading this surgery, I am to a pont where I just want to get it over with. I have resigned myself to the fact that I have to get it down. I want to do it, get it over with and put it behind me. Also, I want to give myself enough time to completely heal up so that I can enjoy myself when we go up to Canada. I will have a little over 6 weeks to let my tongue heal up. Mentally I am kind of washed out with all of this stuff going on. I think I will give myself a break today from going for any walks and just take it easy. I will keep you abreast of how I am feeling and what is going on as my surgery date gets closer. Until the next entry...take care and have a good day.
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