A Couple Of Days Visiting Our Dad

Veronica and I came up to Virginia Beach, VA to spend a couple of days with our Dad. As holiday gifts we gave him an external backup drive and an Apple Ipad. He likes to read books, do some writing and listen to audio reader books and play a few games here and there. I ran out of time to get the audio reader app but I was able to get him the Kindle App and after getting that installed Veronica gave him a quick lesson. We figured the Ipad would take of all of his needs. It will help him pass the time that he spends during his dialysis visits. I just went downstairs and he is on his new Ipad reading. I think we made a great choice for him.
After Veronica made us a great dinner, we took Dad to see some of the Christmas light displays that were in the general area. We will be heading back home some time tomorrow.
Here are some photos of the various displays that we saw:



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