Get Cash Back When You Shop Online

Not sure if you have heard of Ebates. They have been around for a while. We joined a couple of years fees at all and Vronica and I have received what they call "Big Fat Checks" totalling almost $300.  We got a $99.30 check in Feb and right now we are at $56.20 and growing on our next upcoming check in mid May. If you do any amount of shopping online this cash really adds up. We bought 2 new suitcases online at ebags and got $32.93 back and this was on top of the sale ebags was having at the time. If you are going to spend the money online then you might as well get something extra back.

Here is a link for more info about Ebates. If you use the link and join, I will get a $25 bonus and you will get $10 just for trying it out. I wanted to be right up front about the $ so you would not think I was trying to pull a fast one on anybody. This is legit...check them out for yourselves.
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