On The Mend

It's been several days since my last entry. Over the last several days, I have been resting and then I started to build up my strength and endurance. I have begun my routine of long walks twice a day along with my normal work around the house. Today I went back to the oral surgeon for a followup on my tongue. It has been two weeks since the surgery. I needed to have one stubborn suture removed. I also got the lab results back from the slab of tongue that was sent in. I say "slab" of tongue but actually it was not that big of a section but the wound to my tongue was a heck of a lot bigger than what they removed. The lab result came back as expected...it was identical to the results from the biopsy. The most important thing is that the oral surgeon removed all of the "bad" areas in my tongue and that all I would need to do is come back to him or my family doctor once a year to check up and make sure nothing returns. I ended up with the best possible results for the given situation. I'll tell you what...I never ever want to have to go through any type of tongue sugery again. I am about 90% back to normal. I figure that I will be back to normal in about a week. Now I can start to really look foward to going to Canada and doing some fishing....YES!!!!!!!
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