The Loss Of A Friend

I learned this morning that a friend had passed away yesterday around noon time.
I don't quite remember how I first "met" Barry but I think it was back in early 2009.
One of us stumbled upon the others blog and ever since then, we have visited each others blog numerous times and sometimes left a comment for each other along the way.
Although I have never physically met Barry, I learned quite a bit about him through his blog entries, not only in his writings but through his photographs and videos.
Barry would share portions of his life with his readers. His adventures with his beloved dog Lindsay, tidbits about his life and family and sometimes about his likes and dislikes.
Back in March of 2009 Barry was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. Barry shared with his readers the ups and downs of his battle with cancer.
As time went by and reading what Barry had and was going through, he became an inspiration to me, someone that I looked up to and respected. Someone that I grew to care about deeply.
I will truly miss my friend Barry.
As Barry's wife Linda wrote, on Barrys blog last night.... AN EXPLORERS VIEW OF LIFE, when she informed all of Barrys friends of his passing:

" Sometimes during a war, the General dies on the battlefield. It doesn't mean the battle is lost, it could mean the General won the war but lost his life trying. That is the stuff heroes are made of. Barry did not loose his battle with cancer today. The cancer is dead and gone forever now. Barry however, will always live on in our hearts. I consider Barry a hero, not a person who has lost anything. "

May the wind fill your sails,
as you continue your journey my friend.
Barry Edward Fraser
April 3, 1943 to July 20, 2010
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