Making Progress

I went to the doctors office today. I have lost a total of 10 pounds so far. I was a little disappointed with the total lost because of the amount of effort that I have put into losing weight.
I think that I expected more to happen due to the medication that the doctor gave me.
My blood pressure is lower so the doctor decided that with it getting lower and with my current weight loss, I could cut my blood pressure medicine in half.
The doctor told me that she expects my weight to continue to go down as my body adapts to the different medications that I am taking and that hopefully I will be able to get completely off of the medicine that is regulating my blood sugar/insulin and get off of the blood pressure medicine too.
I am working towards losing an additional 14 pounds or so. I would really be happy with that amount of weight loss.
I will start that journey tomorrow but for tonight...I think that I will give my body a little reprieve.
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