Cabin #8 at Andy Myers Lodge

Here are the last photos of our favorite cabin at the lodge...Cabin #8. Not the newest built nor the fanciest but it has a character that Veronica and I both love.

Of course cabin #8 is nothing without Dakota in it.

Thoughts about our Canadian Vacation 2008

Every year that we go up to Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake, in Ontario Canada, we always seem to learn more about the people, the land and the beauty of this amazing area in Canada. I always learn something new about fishing this great lake and the techniques needed to catch not only quantities of fish but also quality fish. During the off season I always think about the really nice people that live and work at the lodge and on the lake. From the owner of the lodge...Steve "Herbie" Herbeck, some of the great guides that help you catch fish no matter what level your talent might be...Mike, Scott, Darcy, Cal, John and all of the others, to the young ladies in the kitchen and waitstaff...Teresa, Tracy, Snooky, Shannon and others along with the dockhands and of course Terry, who is a man of all trades and always willing to do whatever you all of these nice people who work so hard to make your vacation and work so hard to make your trophy fishing dreams come true...A big Thank You!!!! You are all very special people to Veronica and I. Until next year.....

Canadian Vacation 2008 - Homeward Bound

Veronica and I woke up at 3:00 AM this morning so that we could make our 4:45 AM flight to start our journey home. Below are pictures of the airport in International Falls, MN. It is the smallest airport that I have ever seen. there is only one gate and Northwest is the only airlines that goes there. There were only 6 people, including Veronica and I, on this early morning flight. We flew to Minneapolis, MN. From there we flew to Detriot, MI and from there onto Norfolk. We arrived home around 1:30 this afternoon. It took us forever to get everything unpacked and put away. Then there was 2 weeks worth of mail to go through, loads of wash to do, emails to answer and it continued on. The usual after vacation stuff to catch up on things. Now we start all over again and start looking foward to next years vacation, which will be during the first 2 weeks of August. A long ways to go. I hope that you enjoyed us sharing our vacation with you. I guess now it is time to get back to real life...what a bummer!!!!

Photos of the Falls International Airport in International Falls, MN

The road leading up to customs at the Canada-U.S. border...entering the U.S. from the Canadian side at Ft.Frances leading into International Falls, MN.

Canadian Vacation 2008 Last Day

This morning we awoke at our regular time. We had breakfast up at the lodge and then said our goodbyes to all the guides and folks at camp. We checked out I said my final goodbye to Dakota for the year. Then we went to Dryden and did what laundry we had left so that we wouldn't have to do tons of laundry when we returned home. We then drove down highway 502 to International falls. Going through Customs was a piece of CAKE only one car was ahead of us.
We were able to check in early in our beautiful super 8 hotel room ( not). Put gas in the rental car yet again.
This afternoon we will be having an early dinner at our favorite restaurant the Chocolate Moose.
We will be going to bed super early tonight since our flight leaves at 4:45 a.m. tomorrow.
This will put us into Norfolk at 11:54 a.m., then back home we will drive finishing up yet another great vacation to Canada. I will summerize my thoughts about our vacation upon returning home. Until then I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 15

Today was our last full day of fishing and being in the camp. Last night we prepacked and finished up after we came back from fishing and having dinner. Today we went out to Ord Lake
and did some walleye fishing and some Musky fishing. I caught a rare Silver Northern Pike fish. See picture below
Unfortunately I did not catch any Musky although I did have two follows. So the hunt for the great Musky will have to wait until next year. We had another great shore lunch prepared by Darcy of Andy Myers Lodge. The shore lunch was held at a location near the cabin we had previously visited earlier this week.
Below are pictures of some more wall art that was in the cabin.

Andy Myers Lodge cabins. More of the cabins at Andy Myers Lodge

Fish Skeleton that I found laying on the ground. It looks like it has been here for some time.

You sometimes have to wonder who the artist is that creates these wonderful pieces of art.

A french bag of charcoal by any other name is ..........
As you can see Mike was here in 91
and Voglewede in 90

Here is Darcy creating his world famous shore lunch.

I had never heard of this brand of Whisky before.

My wife's favorite drawing.
Bone Cruncher Mackafee drawing and folk lore
My rare catch of the day was a Silver Northern Pike.

Darcy's fried fish Most shore lunches consist of the same. Fried Walleye, fried potatoes, canned corn, pork and beans, fried onion rings and some fruit cups.

Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 14

This morning we woke up to another morning of rain and wind. Veronica decided that she wanted a day off from fishing and she went to visit a woman in her 90s that knew her grandfather and grandmother. I went out fishing for Musky again I had five Musky that followed my lure to the boat. Three were very interested in my lure but just wouldn't take it.

So for this vacation the Musky sandbagged me. Final Score Rick 0 - Musky 25.

Tomorrow we are going walleye fishing and will be having a shore lunch. More pictures to follow tomorrow. Tonight is Fish fry night for the entire camp and then we will be going over to Veronica's grandparents old lodge and cabins for some pictures. Above are some pictures of the leaves changing here on Eagle Lake. Until tomorrow, I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 13

We woke up this morning to bad thunderstorms. Wind, rain and lightning throughout the camp. Lost electricity for a brief period of time. After breakfast we waited until after the lightning stopped to go out on the lake. We stayed out for about five hours fishing.
Unfortunately the fish were not biting because of the storm so we made it an early day.
No pictures were taken today due to the raining weather. Veronica and I did have a fish fry in our cabin tonight.
Tomorrow Veronica is not fishing with me as she will be visiting with an elderly lady who knew her deceased Grandfather. Tomorrow is also my last full day of trying to catch my Musky. Hopefully it will happen and I will have plenty of pictures to post. Until tomorrow I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 12 ( A rare find)

Last night we were in charge of putting Dakota the camp dog in her cabin for the night. Tonight we are doing the same. We do enjoy keeping an eye out on Dakota as during the time we are here we have come to " adopt" Dakota.
Today we got up early to go fishing on Ord Lake. Breakfast this morning was omlettes and hashbrowns with toast. Due to some unforseen circumstances our day didn't turn out exactly how we had planned. We did get to do some fishing and exploring on Ord Lake today. On the fish front, I had four Musky follow to the boat with some nipping at the bait but none actually taking the lure and getting hooked. Muskies 4 Rick 0
I did catch a 30 inch Northern Pike that gave me a heck of a fight. We then took a side trip to a cabin that is used for emergencies. This cabin is privately owned but because it is on "crown" property it must be left unlocked and accessible at all times.
The cabin was very rustic on the inside with about 8 crudely made bunk beds, real old wood stove, and tons of wall art.
Outside of the cabin was a really nice fire pit they use for shore lunches. There was also a start of what appeared to be a teepee being built. A crude handmade boat dock and launch were also on the property.
It really was quite interesting and made for a great photo opp. I hope you enjoy the photos that we took today. Until tomorrow I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

My 30" Northern Pike.
Handmade boat dock and launch

Fire pit at the cabin where many have stopped to use as a shore lunch spot

The making of a Teepee
An old boat motor

The making of a tree

The outside of the cabin

Bars on the windows to keep the bears out

Every home must have a bathroom and in this home the bathroom is in the main living, bunk area.
Wall art from many of the visitors this place has seen. Some of the art is truly amazing.

No home is complete without a bar
The old wood stove

More wall art

The rec room and bunk area
Of course if the old time wood stove isn't your cup of tea you have a new propane stove you can use.

This message says it all. This is from the owner.

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