Day 2 Of Our Kitchen Remodel

Day 2 of our kitchen remodel is complete. Progress is being made. We are still very early in this process. Just for the kitchen alone...once the cabinets are put in and the farmhouse sink has been set in the cabinet with extra support, there still is the gas line that needs to be placed for the new gas stove, tile work to be done, granite counters that need to be cut from a template, new lighting and eventually new flooring.
Here are some photos showing today's progress:

To the right is our new slide out drawer pantry area. It even has slow return pull out drawers

So glad we put this cabinet above the fridge. Gives us more storage space that would have been otherwise unused and wasted without it being there and pieces of cabinets, trim and even the vented above stove fan are being stored and staged in 3 rooms

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