Test Walk With My Foot

This morning I went for my first walk since having my foot surgery. Actually I did one "lap" around the neighborhood and then took a brief break to take some photos and then I did another "lap". I have no idea how long these "laps" are in distance but eventually I will build myself and my foot up again, so that I can do many "laps". So far my foot feels pretty good but we will wait and see how it feels later on tonight.

We live on the sound side of the Outer Banks. On one side you have the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side is the sound. The photo below is of Blount Bay, which is right behind and to the side of our place. They are 2 other bays on either side of Blount Bay...there is Kitty Hawk Bay and then Buzzard Bay. If you boat out of Blount Bay, you end up in Albemarle Sound. We are approximately 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Here is the view that we have from our 3rd floor deck

While going on my walk I found a few things to take photos of.
Here is a photo of Blount Bay.
This is a cloe up photo of what we can see from our 3rd floor deck.

This pier has seen better days. Part of it is has collapsed into the water

There is a road that goes through the neighborhood and ends in a circle drive. Beyond the land is some marsh land and then Blount Bay

There is a canal that runs behind the neighborhood clubhouse and swimming pool. There is a wooden walkway that runs parallel to this canal. While walking on the walkway, I found this neat looking boat that must have sunk some time ago based on the plant growth around it and in it.

Here is the canal and the wooden walkway that I was speaking of. This canal opens up into Blount Bay

Below is a photo looking up into the canal towards the main road

I am not sure what these are for...possibly for clams or crabs. They have troughs, lights and a lot of pvc piping

They are a lot of these traps in the area...the dark cages that are piled up on the right side of the picture..near the building. I am thinking that these are crab traps

Another view of this channel

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