The New Car Has Finally Landed

This afternoon our new car arrived at our doorstep. Due to the rain, I was unable to check over the repair work that they did to the paint...there were a few small scratches and dings in the paint...mainly on the passenger side. It was nothing major but I figured that if we are going to spend our hard earned money, and quite a bit of it, then we should get something that was as blemish free as possible. I realize that as soon I drive to our local WalMart to do some grocery shopping, that upon my return to the vehicle, after 45 minutes of shopping, our new car will have aged 4 years with all of the parking lot dings and scratches that it will receive in that short period of time. At least the car will look nice for about a day, while sitting in our driveway, until that very first trip out into the cold cruel car world that we live in. Tomorrow I will spend a little time getting everything set up in the car and some quality time bonding with our new "baby".
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