We Have Arrived In Split Croatia

Today is Friday, October 2nd and we have arrived in Split, Croatia. We were here about two years ago on another similar cruise. Last time I was in Split I was sick and spent quit some time sitting on the concrete steps at Peristil, the main square that is just outside of Diocletians Palace with my head between my knees and sweat dripping off of me even though the temperature was rather cool. This visit went much better.
Below are some of the sights that we saw during our visit to Split, Croatia:
There were many ships on the water as we arrived and when we left Split

That is Split off in the distance

The tale of 2 ships. I wonder how nervous the Capt. of the tourist boat in front was.

The Pilot getting off of our cruise ship after guiding the ship closer into the Port of Split

The pilot has done his job now off he goes back into port

More views of Split as we get closer

Various ships out on the water

Just about in port now and getting ready to dock

Arriving in port and docking went smoothly. Now we can hit the streets.

Various building around Diocletian's Palace

This is Peristil, the main square that is just outside of Diocletians Palace 

An unused table at a outside restaurant. Won't be unused for long. Before you know it, it will be lunch time

I think they are adjusting an antenna either that or they wanted to get a early seat for this evenings sunset. If the latter is true then boy do they have a long wait

Outside restaurant along the main public walkway

The little furry guy in the second story window was the best and most fun to "shoot" during the whole day

For some reason I could not find a good setting on my camera to photograph this fountain and all of theses pigeons. I decided to try some things in my editing program 



 Who would have known that the #1 Froggyland is in Split, Croatia

This is kind of  cool water feature/fountain. A jet of water squirts out the hand and flies through the air into the funnel

 Below is the fish market. Had we been there a hour or two earlier this place would have been packed. Even empty and after it had been washed down this market still smelled strongly of fish

Below is the open air market 

A lot of boats in the area as we are leaving

 Chartered tourist boat below

 Tomorrow we return to Venice, Italy and drop some passengers off in the morning and have some new passengers board in  the afternoon. We will be continuing our adventures on board for another week. 
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