New Year Brings New Adventures

I have been working on the final details of our upcoming cruise to Alaska on board the NCL Pearl in May.
Last year, when we were on the Pearl, we left out of Seattle as we headed towards Alaska. This year our cruise departs out of Vancouver, Canada at a pier and location called Canada Place.
We need to find a real early flight out of Norfolk, so that we can get to Seattle as early as possible..hopefully before noon. We then need to catch a shuttle bus at the Seattle airport, that will take us to the Vancouver airport, which is several hours away from Seattle.
Normally I would try to fly into the Vancouver Airport but the prices are really high to fly there.
The shuttle bus runs on a schedule and the earlier we can catch the bus at the Seattle Airport, , the sooner our long travel day will end, after arriving in Vancouver.
I made hotel reservations last night at a Holiday Inn that is located near the Vancouver Airport. I was looking at a couple of hotels that are located right at Canada Place but they wanted between $300-$400 a night there. They were nice hotels but there is no way that I am going to pay that much for a room that we would only be in for 12 hours at the most.
The shuttle bus would have dropped us off right at these more expensive hotels but we figured out a way to save some money and still make the logistics work.
I ended up calling NCL and they had some deals worked out between themselves and a couple of hotels, including the one that I ended up choosing.
We got a room for $150.00 at this Holiday Inn...expensive still but cheaper ones would have been a lot further out from the city. Our costs also included transfers from the hotel to the cruise ship.
That left only one logistical problem.....finding a way to get from the Vancouver Airport, where the Seattle shuttle bus drops us off, to the Holiday Inn. One quick call to Holiday Inn took care of that issue. They have an hotel shuttle that runs from the Vancouver Airport to their hotel.
**Update- we just got finished purchasing our airline tickets. We will be flying Delta on all legs of our journey. I'll tell you what....prices of our airline tickets were about 20% more than they were a year ago but we were able to get that flight that gets us into Seattle at 10:50AM.
This way we have some time to fetch our luggage and make our way to the location where we need to get on the shuttle bus, that will take us to Vancouver Airport...which I just checked and it is a 4 hour bus ride because of all of the stops the shuttle make.
Veronica and I will definitely want to grab a bite to eat and something to drink for our right to Vancouver.
This basically wraps up everything that we needed to do in preparation for our trip. Only other thing left is to pack and then we are Alaska bound again.
I almost forgot to mention a very important point....when we went looking around for prices for our airlines tickets, we stayed the hell away from CheapoAir. We learned a rough lesson last year after going through them (just one problem after another with them) and we promised ourselves that we would never do that again and guess what...that is one New Years resolution that was really easy to keep.
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