Working On The Exterior Projects

We have been trying to line up all of our exterior projects for the home but it is going slow.
We chose the exterior paint color for the house but are awaiting the approval of the Homweowners Association.
We also sent in plans and an application for a whole house Generac backup generator. We are awaiting to decision on that project from the HOA too.
We got approval from the HOA on the roof and gutters but due to the weather those jobs are having to wait. We are in the queue along with about 6 others to get this job done. I was told that it is a 1 - 1 1/2 day job to do the roof itself.
They have a whole crew come in and do the job. Our neighbors had theirs done and they had about 10 people in the crew.
We aren't planning on having the front of the house painted until March or April.
Other than that not much is going on. After a 6 month renovation/remodel we are just slowing down a bit and relaxing.
Once Spring comes and the weather warms up I will get outside and get some work done but for now I am just going to take a little break.
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