And Now For Some Editorial Comments

It amazes me...although at the ripe old age of 60 it shouldn't, how lazy, manipulative and scheming some people can be.
They go through a major portion of their adult life playing the victim and doing everything they can to utilize this excuse in order to live their life on someone else's dime....the typical poor pitiful me and you owe me mentality.
They also live their lives behind a huge wall that they put up all in the name of privacy. They will readily take your money year after year but when you turn around and ask what the money has gone for...well then the privacy card gets pulled out and it is none of your business what your hard earned money went towards.
In their own warped little mind they can justify what they have done and feel absolutely no remorse for the years of scheming and scamming.
As long as you keep the money coming in their direction all is good. They have lived years of their life never having to account for most expenditures...just telling 'money bags" any old story or whatever they think sounds good to make sure the story being told won't upset the flow of funds in their direction. They build lies upon lies to the point that they actually start believing in their own bs stories.
They go through years of their life without any kind of meaningful employment all the while living their very shallow life on someone else's dime.
Of course then there is the constant sickness and medical issues thrown in for good measure which prohibit them from gaining employment..why get a job when you will make more money milking it out of  their personal "moneybags".
And if they get challenged about their spending habits or if things look completely bogus then it is the dare you ask me about this. Just because you..."moneybags" have been supporting me for at least a decade gives you absolutely no right to question me about any of my financial affairs, even if your money was used in an obvious mismanaged and irresponsible way.
These shallow, lazy, manipulative and scheming people need to learn how to live on their own and be self sufficient. If you choose to live in lala land and live your pathetic little life encased in a tall thick protective wall that you call privacy then more power to you....that is your choice.
But if that is the choice you make....get a job, get a life and get real. You have only been lying to yourself. Others can see right through your childlike cloud of deception and know exactly the type of person you truly are. Do it on your own without sucking the financial blood out of someone else. Have a nice life whoever and wherever you might be.
****The above comments are about strictly fictional pathetic people and any resemblance to someone that actually fits the above description is strictly a coincidence****

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