The Start Of Our Next Adventure

Yesterday after picking Dad from his dialysis treatment we said our goodbyes and headed up the road.
We were heading up to the Crowne Plaza hotel which is close to the Dulles International Airport-IAD.
On the way up there we stopped off at an outlet mall in Williamsburg and did a little shopping. We spent about an hour at the mall and then headed to our.
We made a quick pit stop at a Steak N Shake for dinner.
We finally arrived at our hotel only to find it in the midst of a major renovation to its front and lobby area. We had to drive around the back of the hotel to reach the temporary check in area.
First thing I noticed upon entering the hotel was they there was some sort of event going on. There were lines of people all decked in their finest heading in some large room.
Once we got checked and got into our room we went through our suitcases and got everything arranged for our next day's trip to the airport.
We ended up getting to bed around 12:30AM. Unfortunately I did not sleep well at all. We usually sleep with a fan that produces white noise. Unfortunately the ac/heat unit in our room could not be set so that the fan was constantly going. The pillow I was using was one of those fluffy ones with no head and neck support so for me it was very uncomfortable. I finally was able to doze off but I kept getting woke up from parties goers that we're going up and down the hall talking very loudly in their drunken stupor.  I finally fell back to sleep around 3:45AM.
We got up around 7:00 got ourselves together and headed out to the back of the hotel where we got a courtesy van to the airport.
At this Crowne Plaza room book a room their and you can leave your vehicle parked in their covered parking garage for the length of you trip, which would be 14 days. At the airport long term parking area it would have cost us $20 a day but at the Crowne Plaza we got a really big room with a king sized bed along with free parking for the 14 days we would be gone for a good price of $137.00 including all taxes. We ended up saving an easy $280.00 on the parking alone.
And now we are starting our long journey overseas...something that we really enjoy and have grown accustomed to.
Barcelona here we come.
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