The Official Packing And Moving Date Has Been Set

It looks like all of the dates have been set.
The movers will come box us up on Wed, 3/3, then they will return Thursday, 3/4 to load the truck up and then deliver our belongings to our new place on Friday, 3/5.
I have already made appointments to have some new furniture delivered on 3/12 along with the important stuff...the cable, telephone and internet service will be installed and turned on during the afternoon of 3/10.
I plan on going down to our new place on Monday, 3/1, pick up our keys and head over to our new place where I will empty my overflowing car interior of its contents.
I have enough stuff shoved in the car to open my own Bed Bath and Beyond store.
I will spend the day in our new place putting up curtain rods and curtains along with getting the bathrooms decked out with shower curtains and towels.
After I get those jobs done, I need to "beat feet" back and load the car up the next day with everything that we don't want the movers to take on their truck.
My long list of things to do and phone calls to make has just about all been completed..only a few minor things left to do and then we are good to go.
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