A Little Of This And A Little Of That

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, we are officially in the tourist season here on the OBX.
People and vehicles everywhere. I am sticking close to home for a couple of days until things settle down a bit.
I noticed that the price of gas was around the 2.65 mark a couple of days ago. Veronica told me that it was up to $3.05 as of last night. I really dislike it when people take advantage of others just to make a profit.
Jacking up the cost of gas just because the tourists are in town really rubs me the wrong way.
Speaking of gas...I am on strike against BP due to their oil rig disaster. Shame on you BP. You will never see another cent of mine!!!
On a happier note....been spending some time doing research on our upcoming Baltic Capitals cruise that is in September.
Ordered some Euros through Bank Of America. We got them at a great time. The Euro is at the lowest point than it has been for at least 16 months.
We stocked up on Euros. We figure that what we don't use, we can hang onto for a visit to Paris sometime in the future. Might as well get the Euros when they are down since we will be needing them anyways.
We still need to get some Krones for Denmark and some Swedish Krona. We won't be needing too much of those...just enough to get us through a day in each country.
The good thing is that what we don't use, we can take to the bank and get it exchanged back into US currency. We will do this with the Krones and Krona.
I ordered us some maps of Tallinn, Estonia and of Copenhagen. Got them in the mail this last week so now I can kind of get an idea on where we want to go and the best way to get there.
Been going on my walks on a daily basis..most times a couple of times a day.
With the help of some new medication that I am taking, the last time I checked, I had lost 7 pounds in about a week.
I still have a long ways to go but I am happy with the progress that I have made so far.
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