The Often Mentioned Ken From Canada

I have many times made mention of my friend Ken from up in Ontario, Canada...more specifically Vermilion Bay. He is lucky enough to be able to fish on some fantastic lakes in the area up there. One of the many lakes that he gets to fish on is Eagle Lake. Ken emails me with quite a number of videos, photos and jokes. Many of which I share with everyone out there in blogville. He are a couple of photos of Ken fishing and guiding others so that they can catch big fish. The first photo is of a Northern Pike and the 2nd photo is of a real nice walleye that Ken caught....the walleye are great fried. Veronica and I usually do some walleye fishing our first day on the lake. That way we will have some great fried walleye dinners to start our vacation off on the right foot. Because we currently live on the East coast, the only time we get to eat walleye, is when we are up at Eagle Lake. We need to move closer to our friends and favorite fishing grounds. Thanks again Ken...for sharing these great photos and for giving me my fishing fix for when I am not able to actually be up there. See you in August!!!!!

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