Not Just Another Day At The Doctors Office

Today Veronica and I drove to Virginia Beach to see my Oncologist. I wasn't supposed to see him until December but because of all of the mouth issues that I had been and are currently having, we decided that it would be best to talk to him and get his professional thoughts and opinions about what is going on.
After going over the recent medical history involving my mouth issues and then taking a look into my mouth, my doctor stated that what was going on had nothing to do with my Mast Cell Disease.
In my words not mouth is basically a pre-cancerous petri dish basically waiting its time to turn into a full blown case of cancer.
My doctor told me about a couple of things that I could do that might keep the BIG C at bay for a while. He mentioned something about freeze drying dark berries and rubbing them as a paste around my mouth...basically using berries as an antioxidant.
I did not tell my doctor that I had already done a little research on my own and was looking into possibly utilizing some "alternative medicines",
My Oncologist suggested that I go to a Eye, Nose and Throat doctor that has had  plenty of background, hands on and surgical experience dealing with patients that have Oral Cancer. He referred me to one of the top ENT cancer doctors in the area. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with this doctor shortly after Veronica and I return from our upcoming Med cruise.
Until then I will have to deal with the pain that I have in the right side of my mouth, tongue and ear. Hopefully it will subside a bit until we get back from our cruise.

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