A Couple Of Days Visiting Our Dad

Veronica and I came up to Virginia Beach, VA to spend a couple of days with our Dad. As holiday gifts we gave him an external backup drive and an Apple Ipad. He likes to read books, do some writing and listen to audio reader books and play a few games here and there. I ran out of time to get the audio reader app but I was able to get him the Kindle App and after getting that installed Veronica gave him a quick lesson. We figured the Ipad would take of all of his needs. It will help him pass the time that he spends during his dialysis visits. I just went downstairs and he is on his new Ipad reading. I think we made a great choice for him.
After Veronica made us a great dinner, we took Dad to see some of the Christmas light displays that were in the general area. We will be heading back home some time tomorrow.
Here are some photos of the various displays that we saw:



Videos From Our 2014 Paris, France Vacation

Here are several videos that we took while we were on our Paris, France vacation




Last Day Of Our Vacation In Paris, France Part #2

Here is part #2 of our last day on vacation in Paris, France. After going on a boat ride on the Seine River, as shown in Part #1,

 It was raining out as we were walking our way around the Les Halles district. We decided to take a break our from being in the rain

Below is an altered image...negative image with some color  


We were walking around when we came upon this unusual window "decorations" 

 I could not believe my eyes when I saw real dead rats hanging in theis stores window..the sign says that they were captured in the Les Halles district back in 1925

While walking on one of the main streets in the Les Halles district we came across this interesting door along with some street art. I used my photo editing program to alter the image a little bit.

Below is a department store

Below are altered images of a night club sign

Here are some housing "pods" that were being put together outside of the Church of Saint Eaustache

Below is  Ã‰glise Saint-Eustache


The sculpted piece of art shown below is called L'ecoute, which means Listening

Here are some interior photos of  Saint Eaustache church

On the way home after another long day, we stopped at a little grocery store that we frequented often during our stay in Paris. It had rained all day. Of course it slowed down as our night was winding down. Shown below is the wet cobblestone streets of Paris.
 When we got back to our apartment we got all of our belongings ready for our return trip home. We also cleaned up the apartment we were staying in. One last night in our feather bed...like sleeping on a cloud. The next morning we woke up and met our driver outside of the apartment and after packing up his van with our suitcases we made our way through some horrendous traffic on our way to the airport. And it seems that as soon as our trip to Paris had started it ended just as quickly. Veronica and I had a great time in Paris, France and there were plenty of fond memories that we also brought back home with us. We plan on returning to Paris one of these days. We still have a date with each other for a picnic that didn't happen due to the weather. So in closing....the below photos depict how we felt about our 2014 Paris, France vacation coming to an end..I think these photos tell the whole story....

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