Our New Christmas Tree

For the last several years Veronica and I have enjoyed our 3 foot Christmas tree that was lit up using fiber optics. This year we decided it was time to get a new tree. We decided to get a bigger tree...7 foot from bottom of base to the top of the tree and once again we chose to get a fiber optic tree.
We found that these fiber optic trees were getting a little harder to find and that there weren't a lot of styles to choose from.
After the tree arrived at our home, we decided that it was time to get some new decorative tree bulbs along with a tree skirt and topper. Luckily all of these items were on sale at our local KMart so we ended up saving some money on the items.
Below are a few photos of our new tree, which we put up in our bedroom.
I also took a movie of the fiber optic lights in motion but this photo does not do the lights justice.
We are both very pleased with the way the tree turned out and we expect this tree to last for many years to come.

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