Day #13 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #3

Everywhere you go you need at least one bicycle with a basket of flowers photo opportunity
 I found these mannequins to be really cool looking

 A two goat puppet can never tell what you might run across

 Another small colorful grocery store

 Gardens and fountains around the area of La Seu - The Cathedral.
Below is a fountain in the center of a garden area. On the outside wall that circles this center fountain are several stone faces that serve as smaller fountain. These smaller fountains are cover with ferns and other plants

 A couple of interesting trees with really different looking trunks

 More fountains around the area La Seu

 That is the NCL Epic docked off in the distance

 Here we are outside of the Ice Bar on the NCL Epic

 We were the only people in the ice bar...more drinks for us 

 What do you mean you think your butt cheeks are frozen stuck on this ice couch. I'm sooo embarrassed

And as this adventure winds down I would like to express how special these times have been experiencing all that life has to offer with my best friend, my love and my soul mate. And as I raise my ice cup filled with vodka....until we depart and share our next adventure...Cheers!!! 

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