An Admission And An Observation

Let's get the first portion of this blog entry done and over with...I went to DMV last Friday and took the written test, in order to get my North Carolina drivers license. I have not had to take a written DL test in decades.
Even though I had studied and the test was a multiple choice guessed it...I failed that sucker in a big way. I missed 6 and ended up with a 76. Not that much different than what I used to get in High School...almost 4 decades ago. Pretty sad I know.
Veronica only missed 1 and she did not really study much at all.
Now, I do realize that the aforementioned sentence does even less as far as restoring my standing in my "mans world" but she deserves the kudos for doing well on the test.
Now in my own defense, I found many of the questions to be rather ambiguous....yes I actually used the word "ambiguous" and I used it in the correct context. How do I know this?...because I looked it up doing a google search before I wrote it down.
Not bad for someone who flunked a written drivers license test.
But seriously...some of the questions were vague and lacked enough information to make an intelligent guess at the answer...hey...this is my excuse and I am sticking with it.
So I dragged my injured pride into the house and spent some serious time over the weekend studying the North Carolina's DMV Drivers Manual.
I returned to the location of where I had earlier lost a portion of my manhood and I took the test again.
I had a lot more confidence as I went through this test and although I did not "ace" it, I only missed 2 this time and I was able to leave the building with my head held upright.
Here in NC, they give you a temporary DL until the real thing arrives in about 10 days or so.
Once you get your "real" DL, you then can go get your vehicle(s) registered.
So with my temporary paper DL, I did some running around today in the car, I noticed that traffic has already started to pick up and I observed several cars with out of state plates.
Traffic will only get worse as the Summer months get closer.
If the traffic gets too bad, I won't be needing my drivers license because I won't be driving anywhere and I will be sticking around our quiet neighborhood.
Speaking of our neighborhood...after going for several walks over the last several days, I have a good idea of who lives where.
This isn't really hard since there are only 3 other families in the neighborhood besides us.
One other family at the other end of our townhouse family in one of the other 3 townhouse buildings and 1 family in 1 of the other 5 or 6 single family houses.
Needless to is pretty darn quiet around here.
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