Verizon Strikes Again

This morning I got on my computer and found it to be running real slow and then I totally lost my internet connection. I spent the next 4 1/2 hours being bounced around to different people at Verizon. Of course I had to go visit a few foreign countries and of course I had to ask them "could you please repeat that" numerous times before I was bounced back to the USA. What I found out was that there was a glitch in their system and/or someone at Verizon put in a work order on 2/24, to cut my internet connection, which took place today. It all depended on who I spoke to, as far as the reason for me getting shut off. As it stands now, it might be a week until I get my internet service back. I am currently typing this on my Dads computer. I did manage to accomplish a couple of things by having my internet service turned off. I will be getting 3 months of internet service free. My overall bill for the internet/telephone bundled package will be approximately $20 cheaper than it is now..of course this is after my 3 months of free usage. And last but not least, after 31 days of my new internet service starting, I will be receiving a pre-paid bank card in the sum of $100.00
Of course I will probably have to call Verizon repeatedly to get what they promised me. I must admit that I was at wits end talking to these people and getting bounced all over the place. There were several times that I called a certain number and after waiting in the secondary que ,before actually moving into the "real" que, that darn automated synthetic human computer voice told me that "all of our service agents are busy answering other calls and that due to especially high volume of calls, we are unable to answer your call at this time...please call again later"! Of course there were numerous statements like..."your call is important to us" and " we are sorry for your inconvenience"...the usual song and dance. The bottom line is that I won't be doing any blog entries until I can get my internet connection restored. I just want to let you know that your patronage of my blog is important to me...that all of my fingers are busy doing other things at this time and that due to the extremely low action of my internet connection, could you please return to my blog at a later date. I am sorry for this! Sound familiar???
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