Great News From The Dermatologist

This morning I went to see a dermatologist. This is the first time that I had ever seen one so I was a little apprehensive about going. Because I am a sun hog, I needed to get a load of spots checked out on my body. The doctor looked me over carefully and inspected every spot possible. He found absolutely nothing except for a small "tumor" where he said it looked like a bug bit me and it turned into a tumor. It is very small...the size of the lead in a #2 pencil. He said it was nothing to concern myself with. The only thing that he found that he thought was pre-cancerous was a red section on my ear. He pulled out a canister of liquid nitrogen and sprayed the area for several seconds. He said that it would be completely healed in 7-10 days. I got a clean bill of health from him and he told me that nothing that I had on my body right now, could turn into anything cancerous, even if I was out in the sun. Being the sun lover that I am, I was doing the snoopy happy dance on my way out of the doctors office and into the elevator. Today has been a good day!!!! Veronica and I spent part of last night packing up clothes and gear for our upcoming trip to Eagle Lake in Canada. We leave early Friday morning, 8/14. Of course I will have our trusty camera close by to get photos of any trophy fish that either of us catch along with any other great photo ops that come our way. My foot is doing a little better today after getting that shot from the doctor. I won't be trying to go for any wals until I return from Canada. That will give my foot a couple of weeks to heal up. I also have to go back to the podiatrist the day after we return home. He will decide whether I need another shot at that time. If I do, it will be another week or so until I can go for my long walks again. It will be nice to go walking without having the pain.
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