Lost Art Of The "Thank You"

First off, I would like to clarify that anything written in this post, does not directly pertain to anyone person. It is more or less a generalization based on my perceptions and observations. I guess that old adage would apply...if the shoe fits wear it.
Over the last year or so, possibly longer, I have noticed a huge decline in people saying "thank you" to one another.
To someone who maybe have had a kind word for them, given them something, done something for them or in some way shape or form have had a positive impact on their life, no matter how big or small.
I call it the Art of Thank You. Why do I call it that? Because if saying "thank you' was an art form, I would equate it to....hmmmm......let's say stick art. Stick Art is such a basic form of art, very simplistic in nature but easy to understand and get your artistic points across. I find it the same as saying the words "thank you". 2 very small words...easy to say...takes little time and effort ...easily understood by others and because it is as easy to say as stick art is to make, it can do no worse than to make the recipient feel better.
But as easy as it is to say, somewhere along the line, we as human beings have lost the knack of saying those two small words.
Like I mentioned earlier, it is not everyone but in my little circle of the world there seems to be more who don't, than more who do.
I have observed that the teachers of these "proper manners" have back slipped and that those who were forced to learn this aspect of proper manners and etiquette, are now the leaders and teachers of this art.
For all of you that still practice this fading verbal art form..."thank you" for keeping it alive.
And for those of you who don't practice it, let's take just a second out of our busy day and show a modicum of proper manners by saying those two simple words..."thank you".....
By saying those 2 words, I bet that you would make someones day, by acknowledging something that they had done for you, no matter how big or small. A so very small and slight form of showing your appreciation to another person.
C'mon...let's all give it a try.
I am sure that the recipient would greatly appreciate you keeping this verbal art form alive and well.
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