He stopped half way up the stairs and looked down below. Why there, on the stairs? Because that just happens to be where his feet landed him at the exact moment that the question needed to be asked. The question?. Yes the question..."Do you love me?", he asked of the woman. And there it was, the question that he should never have felt the need to ask. She looked up at him and replied quickly..."I like you" The response came quickly, striking hard and deep. Her answer needed no thought or consideration on her part, it just flowed out of her, offered to the man with such assuredness as she would have had, if asked about the color of the clouds in the sky or the sky itself. And it was said with total indifference to the relationship between this woman and this man. And in that instant any thoughts of doubt that he might have had, no longer existed. With those small 3 words, any guilt, remorse or hesitation that he might have been living with, was washed away forever from his soul. Not one lone tear trickled down his cheek. This man had nothing more to give this woman, not even the satisfaction of her seeing one lone tear. This man turned and headed up the stairs until he was no longer in her sight. This would be this mans mission as he continued the rest of his journey through go forward and never look back. And why would those 3 words, "I like you" have such an impact on this man and his life? What made those 3 small words so special? Because they came from his mother.
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