The Ghoulish Grinch That Stole Halloween

This is the time of year that I really enjoy.
I usually get a kick out of decorating our place for Halloween.
Last year I spent many hours locating and getting all of our Halloween goodies out of their respective bins and boxes. They were pigeon holed everywhere.
I have a bunch of Halloween goodies....everything from the usual figurines to larger doll like characters, strobe light, 4 foot black light and a smoke machine just to name a few of the things that I utilize during this time of year.
And if I had the money, I would probably have a ton more Halloween items.
We had all of our decorations out last year for about 2 weeks and then put them all away and moved our attention towards preparation for Christmas.
After spending several hours locating, pulling out and then placing our decorations where they would be seen the most from those that might notice them from the outside, I then went through the tedious process of moving many of the items around because we only have a certain number of windows that face the front of our place.
After getting everything just right, the night of Halloween came and went without a single soul or ghoul visiting our place....I take that back...there was a couple at the end unit that had a new born baby and another little girl that stopped by quickly before heading to a more profitable Halloween candy neighborhood. That particular couple has moved since last Halloween.
Our neighborhood has a limited number of permanent residents and that makes it very unlikely that anyone would want to go out of there way to stop by and go trick or treating at maybe a couple of residences that might or might not have candy. There just isn't that big candy payoff that there would be in other locations.
Sure I personally enjoy seeing the decorations but I get more of a thrill having others stop by and enjoy all of the work that was put into making the place somewhat scary.
With Halloween only a little more than a week away, I have decided to fore go getting the place decorated for Halloween. I just don't have the interest this year to spend the amount of time it takes to get everything out and put up and not have anyone else being able to see it much less stop by and visit us.
It just isn't worth the least this year. Maybe when we get more neighbors or some kids around...or maybe when we move to a new location.
But for this years trick or decorations and no candy.....

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