Returned From Our 2015 Mediterranean Cruise On The NCL Jade

Veronica and I returned home after our 2015 Mediterranean cruise on board the Norwegian Cruise Line Jade. I am just now getting a chance to go through my photos that I took throughout this vacation. Our vacation started on Wed, 9/23 at 5AM. By 5:45AM we were on our way to the airport. By 7AM we were sitting at Gate #23 with our Starbucks coffee in hand.
Before we knew it we were boarding our jet for the first leg of our long journey overseas. We flew from Norfolk International Airport (ORF) and flew to Atlanta (ATL). At approximately 2:30PM we were boarding our jet which would take us to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, a flight that would last around 8 hours.
On September 24th around 11:30AM Italy time we landed at the Marco Polo International Airport . We gathered up our luggage and went to buy bus tickets for the ride to Venezia.
By 12:30PM we were checked into our room at the Hotel Papadoploi Venezia. After dropping off our luggage in our room and freshening up just a bit, we headed out to re-discover Venice. We wanted to go to different areas of the city that from where we had been during our last visit in 2013. We went walking all over the place and found the Jewish Ghetto area of Venice.
By late afternoon and early evening we were pretty well exhausted from our long flight and from all of the walking around we had done today in Venice. There was just one place we had to go. A place that we had been talking about returning to and really looking forward to our next visit there. So what was this magical place in Venice? None other than Antico Forno  .....a restaurant that serves great pizza. So great is there pizza that we ate there 3 times during our visit to Venezia. Seriously...the restaurant is hard to find and might not look like much but damn their pizza is good. If it is good enough for the locals then it is good enough for me. We ended up buying a couple of slices for each of us and carried our dinner back to the hotel. We had an early dinner and went to bed early too as it had been a very long day by this time. Between Wed, September 23rd and Saturday morning, September 26th, we walked all over the place and so many areas that we had not seen on our first visit back in 2013.
Here are some of the photos that were taken on Thursday, September 24th :

Interior garden restaurant at the Hotel Papadopoli Venezia

  One of the many gondolas that we would see throughout our time in Venice

Yes they a Burger King, a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a McDonalds of course

One of the many canal side restaurants

Hotel Universo...just doesn't get any better than this..except for one place

Pidgeon paradise

A quiet little cafe

This one beat out Hotel Universo ...Archie's Rooms

 There were quite a few little fountains ans sisterns here and there throughout the city

 I am keeping an eye on you

This is living art outside of a museum in Venice. This lady did not move a centimeter. It was like she was in a trance.

While walking around the museum I just happened to look up our a window and saw this piece of art sitting on the edge of a roof 

Tomorrow we take a local boat to see and visit Murano and Burano. Murano is famous for its glass making artists and Burano is know for its handmade lace items 
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