BRRRRR Shiver Me Timbers Mate

It has been a while since I have made a blog entry.
Got lots of things going on but nothing that I can blog about at this moment.
But I will discuss those things in the near future. Just need to let things play themselves out just a bit before before disclosing the details.
Biggest news around here in the darn weather. Yesterday it was a balmy 50+ degrees out and today...let's just say that it is a damn bit too cold for these old bones. The wind is howling out there at about 25mph and it is making it feel like 22 degrees outside.
But who am I to complain. It is not near as bad as what those in the Northlands are getting.
But at 22 degrees outside...those are the temperatures that make my joints ache and make those funny noises when you try to force them to bend. Knees hurt, leg muscles hurt, shoulder get the picture.
Even though it is cold and windy outside, I have been bundling myself up with voluminous layers of clothing and getting into the garage to do my workouts.
By the time I get done doing my weight lifting routine and bicycling 20 miles on my recumbent bike, I have icicles hanging down from my eyebrow.
And to top it all off, today we had on and off periods of snow showers.
Is this the way mother nature should treat a ancient relic of a beach bum. I think not.
I will show mother nature who is the boss around here.
I will put on my European designed Speedos, liberally lube myself up with some canola oil, put on the soundtrack of the Nutcrackers Suite for inspirational purposes only mind you and pirouette my tight little butt cheeks right into mother natures icy embrace.
And for those of you not accustomed to ballet vernacular...
Pirouette...a rapid whirling about of the body; especially : a full turn on the toe or ball of one foot in ballet
Or for me, it might be considered as being the following:
A pirouette is a two-track lateral movement asked of a horse in dressage, in which the animal makes a circle with its front end around a smaller circle made by the hind end. Specifically, the front legs and outside hind leg should travel around the inside hind leg, with the horse remaining slightly bent in the direction of travel. The horse may perform the movement at the walk or canter, although the pirouette at the walk is more commonly called the turn on the haunches.
As in all dressage, the horse should remain relaxed, engaged, and responsive, with the poll as the highest point. Ideally, the pirouette will be almost in-place, although many horses perform a slightly larger pirouette. A pirouette may be performed either as a 360-degree turn (full pirouette), 270 degrees (¾-pirouette), or 180-degrees (half-pirouette). Some dressage tests call for two full pirouettes in a row (720 degrees).

Either way folks, take my word for it, it isn't a pretty sight and hopefully it will be enough to get mother nature hot and bothered enough to warm her up from her current artic chills.
Let the festivities begin says the oiled up relic in speedos!!!
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