The Heat Wave Is Upon Us

It has been a while since my last post. I have been busy doing quite a bit of outside yard work. I ended up re-doing all of the landscaping bricks and also started putting some plants in the backyard flower gardens that line the fence around the property. There is so much garden space to fill in that I will be putting in certain plants that will fill up the garden areas.
My corn season is finished. It was not the greatest crop I have had. After looking at the corn stalks and noticing how small the ears of corn were I came to the conclusion that my soil didn't have enough nutrients that it needed to sustain a good corn crop. I did some research that backed up my thinking. So next Spring I will have to add to the existing soil so that it will give me a much better corn crop.
I put some landscape weed barrier down in the corn garden so that the weeds won't take over and it will make things easier for me in the Spring when I start to prepare the garden for next years crop.
My tomatoes have done pretty well this year. I have harvested quite a number of tomatoes and have shared them with our neighbors. I still have quite a few left on the plants that I am waiting on them to ripen up before harvesting them.
My pepper plants are looking plants that I have ever had and they are full of peppers. I am just waiting on the to get bigger and turn red. I will have plenty to harvest, cut up and freeze.
Every day I have been doing something outside and have been checking the things that need to be done off of my list.
I filled in the cracks in our driveway and I have sprayed the siding of the house down to rid it of any signs of mold. I still have to do the back of the house but I will wait until the pepper season is over with. I don't want to spray the house down with the pepper plants being on the back deck and I have no where else to relocate the potted pepper plants.
I am glad that I have been able to get a lot of my outdoor chores done because the temperatures are really getting up there. Today it is supposed to be 99 and tomorrow 100f and that is the actual temperature and not the "feels like" temperature.
It is only 10AM here and it is already 88 but "feels like" 100.
Today I plan on staying inside. Whatever small outside jobs I have to do can wait for a couple of days until this heat wave breaks a little.
Below are some photos of my garden and that work I have done:

A lot of space to fill in with plants

My 2 corn gardens after everything has been harvested and stalks pulled out. I put another layer of landscaping weed barrier down so it would be a little easier next Spring when I prep the garden for next years crop

There used to be an old Bradford pear tree here. The tree was leaning over from past storms so I figured it would be best to remove it before it decided to fall on our fence or on my garden. I replaced the tree with 3 peony bushes. It will be a few years until the bushes will be big enough to fill in the space. 

I put in rose bushes in front of the taller shrubs. They are doing pretty well there.

My tomato plants did very well this year

My pepper plants are full of peppers. Just waiting for them to turn from green to red and let them sweeten up

These are the latest batch of tomatoes that I have pulled. Besides this batch, I had already given away a good 2 dozen tomatoes and there are still lots more ripening on the vines. Time to give away more to our neighbors.  

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