Gas Surcharges

The gas prices are really starting to enter all aspects of our lives. I just read that everyone from Pizza delivery drivers to Florist are starting to charge a gas surcharge. A small town in Georgia is implementing a fuel surcharge onto the speeding tickets that written. They plan on adding $12.00 onto each speeding ticket to cover the cost of gas. I wonder if you pull over right away, will they lower the surcharge because the patrol vehicle used less gas to get you to pull over? Or what happens if someone decides to "run" from the police and they get into a high speed chase...will they double, triple or quadruple this surcharge because the officers vehicle had to use a lot more gas to get you to pull over. Now i am NOT suggesting for anyone to test out this theory, just wondering out loud.

Flowers of the Day

Todays flowers are really colorful. I hope that you enjoy them.

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