Hope And Dreams

Hopes and dreams for the future are a very important aspect of life. When times are tough, when you are having health problems, when everything that you read or see on tv about our economy and our current problems are getting to you, or maybe you are just feeling a little low on any given day, take a couple of minutes to daydream and hope for something better. Allow yourself to be transported to a period of time or a place that is welcoming, comfortable and much happier than the place in your life or a time that you might be currently at. And even if you are happy and content where your life is right now, but want just a little more, then take that mental journey utilizing your minds eye....hope and dream of more...or something better. I find that I can daydream doing yard work, while on my walks or even while cleaning the bathroom...yes I honestly do that...sorry guys. I often dream about a myriad of places and things that I would like to do in my future and I hope that they will all happen. In all of my hopes and dreams, I am always physically sharing them with Veronica. Where I go, she goes. Here is a small sample of what my dreams are and things that I hope I can do in the future. For this blog entry, I have narrowed them down to travel and I would be here for weeks trying to list them all, so I kept the list short. During all of these adventures, I would be taking photographs and journaling our daily adventures so that I could write them down in my blog upon my return home.
I would like to spend quite a bit of time driving around Alaska in a RV. During our travels in Alaska:
I want to go fishing in Minto Flats for Northern Pike
I want to go fishing for Halibut
Watch the Northern Lights
I want to visit and spend time in as many towns and cities in Alaska as possible
I would visit each and every National Park along with all of the tall mountains...from ground level of course...no desire to mountain climb
Cruise every nook and cranny of the Alaskan coastline..which would cover all fjords and glaciers
Watch the bears feeding on the Salmon trying to go up stream
View as much wildlife as possible and especially Moose for Veronica
Stay at some of the rustic lodges within the national parks
Learn about the people, their lives and their culture
Take a train ride in Canada
Drive across Canada
Visit the Canadian Rockies
Visit Banff and Lake Louise
Go to several fly in fishing lodges in the upper northern portions of Canada
Spend a whole Summer at Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake
Visit Slovenia
Visit Austria
See the Alps...no skiing though...bad balance and my ole joints could not handle it
Take a river cruise in Europe
Visit Italy
These are just a few of the things that I dream about doing and seeing and hopefully one of these days I can do some that are on this list. Only time will tell.
I realize that this list might seem really silly, especially with our economy and all of the negative things that we keep hearing daily.
But my list isn't the real point of this blog entry.
The real point is this...when you are at your lowest low, even when you are at your highest high....allow yourself to have hopes and dreams about your future.
Your hopes and dreams are as important as the blood that flows through your heart. They keep your soul energized. They keep you wanting and yearning more for yourself and for your life. It keeps you thinking positive thoughts about the future. It can help you through poor health and it can perk up the tired soul. Hopes and dreams can have amazing healing qualities. The can keep you going through the toughest of times.
Even if I don't get to do one thing that is on my list, those hopes and dreams have still served a purpose....because...
Life without hopes and dreams means that I am merely existing.
And I want more out of my life than to merely exist.
I want to live my life.....
And in order to do that...I will keep on clinging to my hopes and I will keep on dreamin' about my future.
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