My Breasts..."I Love Them Like They Are My Kids"

Now that I have your attention...back in February of 2009 I wrote a blog entry titled Is KKK The New C Cup? I Hope Not!!! . This blog entry was written about Sheyla Hershey who sports 38KKK breasts.
Veronica and I were watching television the other night and a commercial came on air about a new episode of a program called My Strange Addiction. This programs commercial was telling about an upcoming episode which featured Sheyla Hershey and her famous breasts. For those who are interested, this program will air this Sunday night, 2/26/12 on TLC at 10/9C.
I guess that I will now have to amend the title of my previous blog entry about this subject, to read..Is 38KKK and/or 38LLL The New C Cup? I Sure Hope Not!!!
And in closing I would like to say my age I believe in steering clear of any appendages big enough and heavy enough to knock me for a loop or give me a concussion. I'm just saying....

Below is a story written and published by Krista Wick on web site and shown on an and write up:

February 17, 2012

$250,000 is money well spent, says Sheyla Hershey of her massive, 38KKK implants. Not only do they delight the men folk, the 32-year-old has come to love them as much (or more) than her own daughter.
"I love them like they are my kids...They are the most good thing in my life," explains Sheyla. "The women [are] always jealous because their husbands can't keep their eyes off my breasts."
Despite a recent, life-threatening infection, Sheyla aspires to go even bigger. Can friends stop her from pursuing the L's?
Find out when the all-new episode of My Strange Addiction, airing Sunday night on TLC.

Below is a video featuring Sheyla Hershey on discussing here breasts:
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