Day 4 Of Our NCL Vacation Cruise - Lerwick - Shetland Islands

This morning I got up early so that I could get down to the main Casino desk and obtain our tender number tickets. As it turned out, I was number 4 in line and received a ticket each for both Veronica and I to be in the number one group to get on the tender to go into Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.
We were on the very first tender boat to head into this capital city.
When we got into the city after a brief 10 minute boat ride, we walked up to the top of a street that had a rather steep incline but from that vantage point, we got a good view of the area and what was around to see.
We ended up walking to Fort Charlotte and walked around the fort quite a bit.
We walked around several of the streets in Lerwick and noticed that the people living there were quite friendly. We saw several outside of their homes talking to several of the people from our ship.
As this cruise went on, we discovered that our ship would be the last to visit many of the ports that we went to for several months.
Veronica and I stopped by a fudge store where we tried some of the locally made fudge. t was not nearly as good nor as smooth as fudge that we had had in other places we have visited. But heck, we weren't there for the fudge and it did not deter from the friendliness and beauty of the the locale.
We had to go to one of the local pharmacies in the area and found several items on the shelves that we had to have a doctors script to get stateside. We found this to be true in several countries that we have visited.
We ended up getting some antacid for Veronica which cost something like 7.99 British pounds, which is about $12.90 in US funds and this was for a box of only 12 little pills. It must cost a fortune to live in Lerwick.
We saw many nice homes made of bricks that were well kept and looked well built. We also saw what I would call ranches...nice large brick homes with out buildings and fences made of large rocks to keep the sheep or cows in.
We went into a nice sweet store. They had a lot of really cool candy lined up in jars all over the place. The girl working the counter was nice enough to let me take some photos of the candy jars and interior of the store. Veronica bought some candy to give as a gift when we returned home.
We also ended up in a wool store but the prices were outrageous. They wanted 92 British pounds for a pair of handmade wool gloves, which comes to a little over $ about crazy prices!!!!
It was rather cold and drizzly while we were in Lerwick so after doing our sightseeing, we decided to take the tender back onto the ship, which was docked in the harbor.
As we were standing in line waiting for our tender to board, we spoke to a very nice gentleman that lived in Lerwick. I was asking him about a rather large military type of ship that was docked in the harbor.  I had seen a similar ship cruising the area as we were entering into Lerwick.
This gentleman told me that the ship was used to patrol the fishing boats in the area and to make sure that they were following all of the fishing rules and fishing only for what they were allowed to fish for.
We then got on our tender boat and took the short 10 minute ride back to the ship.
Once upon the ship, I took a nap while Veronica read a book on her Kindle Fire.
I napped until it was time for us to attend a craft class about making treasure boxes....yes you read me correctly...I was attending a class on making treasure boxes. During several of these classes that we attended, they gave us some really nice kits that were made and sold specifically to cruise lines for classes they give to their customers. Veronica like several of the kits that were given to us during these classes.
After this class was finished, Veronica and I went back up the deck 12 and we sat in the observation deck. I took photos while Veronica read her book.
We then went to the Four Seasons for dinner. after dinner we went to a magic show that was at the Stardust theater. The show was ok.
After the show we returned to our cabin and called it a night. The next day we would be in Torshavn, which is the capital and largest town in the Faroe Islands.


The Pilot Boat

 All aboard the tender boat for a 10 minute sail to the Lerwick, Shetland Islands pier


Here I am 10 minutes later and no worse for wear

The NCL Sun anchored in the harbor at Lerwick

Lerwick, Shetland Islands

Lerwick was very peaceful and quiet

Some of the residents came out of their houses to chat with the visitors from the ship

Below is a candy store that we went into and bought some candy from

Lerwick, Shetland Islands

The tender boats from the NCL Sun

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