Only A Week To Go Until The Relay For Life Starts

We have just a little over 7 days to go until the start of the American Cancer Society 2011 Relay For Life Outer Banks, NC begins.
I am still hoping to get just a few donations for this event. I know that times are tough out there but there are others that are facing the same financial issues plus they are battling medical issues surrounding this disease that seems to be everywhere we turn.
I am not asking for large donations. Just a couple of bucks here and a couple of bucks there.
These donations do not touch my hands. When you donate through the link below, all of your donations go directly to the American Cancer won't you please click on the link below and make a small donation. Every penny helps.
Don't force me to strip down to my birthday suit, paint my body bright pink, throw a bright green boa over my shoulders and run through Kill Devil Hills, NC wearing my 8 inch sparkly silver stilettos just to get a donation from you.
Believe me it is not a pretty sight and you would end up having nightmares for years to come.
A small donation would prevent all of those sleepless nights along with the accompanying cold night sweats.
After clicking on this link, look in the left hand margin for the "Relay Teams" button. Click on that and it will take you to a list of teams that are participating. Look for the "Maxxinista For Life/T J Maxx OBX" listing. Click on that and you will see my name there and can make a donation through my link or anywhere else on this page.
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