Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 12 ( A rare find)

Last night we were in charge of putting Dakota the camp dog in her cabin for the night. Tonight we are doing the same. We do enjoy keeping an eye out on Dakota as during the time we are here we have come to " adopt" Dakota.
Today we got up early to go fishing on Ord Lake. Breakfast this morning was omlettes and hashbrowns with toast. Due to some unforseen circumstances our day didn't turn out exactly how we had planned. We did get to do some fishing and exploring on Ord Lake today. On the fish front, I had four Musky follow to the boat with some nipping at the bait but none actually taking the lure and getting hooked. Muskies 4 Rick 0
I did catch a 30 inch Northern Pike that gave me a heck of a fight. We then took a side trip to a cabin that is used for emergencies. This cabin is privately owned but because it is on "crown" property it must be left unlocked and accessible at all times.
The cabin was very rustic on the inside with about 8 crudely made bunk beds, real old wood stove, and tons of wall art.
Outside of the cabin was a really nice fire pit they use for shore lunches. There was also a start of what appeared to be a teepee being built. A crude handmade boat dock and launch were also on the property.
It really was quite interesting and made for a great photo opp. I hope you enjoy the photos that we took today. Until tomorrow I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

My 30" Northern Pike.
Handmade boat dock and launch

Fire pit at the cabin where many have stopped to use as a shore lunch spot

The making of a Teepee
An old boat motor

The making of a tree

The outside of the cabin

Bars on the windows to keep the bears out

Every home must have a bathroom and in this home the bathroom is in the main living, bunk area.
Wall art from many of the visitors this place has seen. Some of the art is truly amazing.

No home is complete without a bar
The old wood stove

More wall art

The rec room and bunk area
Of course if the old time wood stove isn't your cup of tea you have a new propane stove you can use.

This message says it all. This is from the owner.

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