A Long 24 Hours But Well Worth It

Veronica and I are back at home from our participation in the ACS 2011 Relay For Life Outer Banks NC event.
I was somewhat disappointed the turnout for this event. There were quite a number of participants for the event but not as many non-participants visiting the event as I would have hoped for.
Those who did participate gave it their all and were quite a spirited group of very caring individuals.
Our booth had so many cupcakes that were able to donate many dozens of cupcakes to a local food bank or charity.
This same event next year will bring some fresh new ideas as far as what item(s)to raffle off and especially what type of food or item to sell.
I could not begin to tell you how many laps I walked during the course of this event. After many hours of staying awake during this event, the laps around the track all seemed to blend together into one smoky blur.
And speaking of smoky blurs, there was a fire many miles from this event but depending on which way the wind was blowing, you could see the fog like smoke drifting over the event and it was not a healthy environment for those whose stayed and walked in it. There were a few that had to leave the event because of the health hazard the smoke had created.
After we got home, we put everything away quickly and then Veronica and I went to bed for a while.
I wish that we could have raised a lot more money for the cause but we did the best that we could and next year we will get and be better at raising funds and items for donations and for the raffles.
The ideas have already started to flow within Team Maxxinista for next years event.
Below are some photos from the event:

This is what it all looked like at the very beginning of people arriving and setting up

 Team Maxxinista tent is beginning to take shape

 Big difference from what it will look like in a couple of hours

 As the morning progressed more and more groups arrived and tents went up 

 Opening ceremonies are getting ready to begin

 Hershel accompanied me to this event. He played a little guitar, did a pole dance and generally added some fun as only Hershel can do. Hershel; also enjoyed listening to the music that was played by various bands. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Hershel tapping his hand and moving his head to the beat of the music. I think he really enjoyed himself. Because he has spent the last 7-8 months under our bed, with little or no human contact, I had to sit down and have a talk with him about being polite and watching his behavior while we were at this event. Hershel can sometimes be a little inappropriate in his behavior. Hershel was a total gentleman at this event and I was proud of him and the restraint he showed.

 Here are a couple of young ladies getting ready to decorate their own cupcake, which the theme of our tent in order to generate some donations

 Opening lap

 Hershel is spreading the joy and laughter

 Everyone that was planning on spending the night and trying to get some sleep brought  a tent. Here is just one of the many nice looking big tents that were put up.

 Unfortunately this mini tent was what one of our teammates accidentally brought to the event for us to use....she grabbed the wrong tent box when she left her home. Out tent took a lot of ribbing as "runt" tents usually do. Those big fancy tents were unmerciless. And our small runt tent was last seen sobbing his way back to its owners vehicle...poor thing. Hard to believe that in this day and age, that bullying still exists in tentdom.

 Talk about a tight fit

Another tent city is born. Please note how all of those big tents hang together. That darn tent mob mentality.   

 It was getting close to quiet time. These kids walked around the track carrying signs that people used the quiet inside voice. The signs read "hush"

 When it gets real late and you are real tired, you find any way you can to make a lap around the track

 Hershel had a great day being able to get out from under our bed and getting a good dusting off and sprucing up

Below is Hershels rendition of pole dance

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