Day 5 Of Our NCL Vacation Cruise - Torshavn - Capital Of The Faroe Islands

Today is Friday, which makes it day 5 of our  2012 NCL cruise vacation. We will be in the city of Torshavn, which is the capital of the Faroe Islands. For some reason, the governing bodies in Torshavn had decided that anyone getting off of the NCL Sun would not be allowed to walk on the piers and would have to take a 5 minute bus ride to the other side of the pier. 
The NCL Sun docked at the Torshavn pier around 7:45-8:00AM
After having some breakfast, Veronica and I headed into Torshavn. 
Although there were plenty of photographs to be taken and lots of nice sights to see, we found that the people that we actually had contact with were not overly friendly.
We took a bunch of photos of the area and then after only a couple of hours, we returned to the ship. After returning to the ship, we decided to play another trivia game which put us only 2 signatures shy of having a full signature card. We also participated in a comedy show, which was fun.
By 4PM we were on our way to Reykjavik. Iceland proceeded by 2 days at sea to get there.                                                                                                                             

Here is an old graveyard that can be seen as we entered the harbor of Torshavn

Here is the NCL Sun docked in Torshavn harbor

We saw several houses with these grass thatched roofs

There were several houses that had grass turf roofs

We saw several really cool loking boats

Below off in the distance it looks like some type of lights possibly on a sporting field. We nver did find out what the field was for

Below is a Hurtigrutencruise line ship ocked in Torshavn

The harbor was a very busy place on the day we were there

A fireworks send off as we were leaving the harbor and surrounding arrea

Below is a floating fish farm. We didn't know what it was until the Capt. made an announcement on the intercom system

A piece of wall art that I liked on the wall of Dazzles Night Club
A towel animal....appears to be a frog

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