Part #2 Photos Taken During Veronica And My Most recent Trip To Venice, Italy

This is Part 2 of our photographic journey through Venice, Italy

 Another one of those beautiful fancy boats that can be seen everywhere
 An unusual canal intersection with 4 way stop lights

 A large neighborhood square

 One of the numerous fountains that are located throughout Venice

 Another large public square
 where people watching reigns supreme and of course I am there to watch the people that are watching the people

 Another public fountain

 Repairs being made to a boat

 Shipbuilding facility

 The below shown area was only a 5 minute walk away from our apartment

 A lonely walk home

 This gentleman was more than willing to strike a pose for my camera
 Mans best friend gets some help and some liquid on a rather warm day

 I took this series of photos showing a kind of interesting transaction in progress. Man walks up to gondolier carrying red banded gondolier hats

 Nest thing I know the gondolier is putting on a Navy banded gondolier hat
 He then reaches into his wallet
 and after enlarging the photo he has pulled out 3 bills
 and one of those bills was definately a 50 Euro spot. Not sure what the other 2 were but that hat was pretty darn pricey if you ask me

 This young lady was gazing out her window when our eyes made contact. I kinda raised my camera a bit, gestured towards it and then towards her. She nodded and just smile as I took her photograph. I thanked her in my best Italian and was on my way.

 This cat was keenly aware of the birds that were walking around down below
 These two are just waiting their turn to make a call

 Below is a neighborhood Coop grocery store

 A tree??? You got to be joking. On the contrary. We are on a series of islands built up on pylons in the water. The islands are connected by bridges. There is much more concrete, bricks and water than there are trees and greenery so I figured a nice tree photo would fit in just right.  

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