Early Jump On Those Holiday Decorations

It is that time of year when a person has a lot of commitments along with cooking, baking and all kinds of other tasks coming at them...enough to need to get an early jump on some other things that need to be done during the holiday season.
I decided to get a real early jump digging our decorations out and putting them up, including our Christmas tree.
I usually don't tackle this job until the day after Thanksgiving but each year it feels that we go through hours of work to get everything located up set up, only to have to take it down and put it away after only being up for what seems like a rather short period of time.
This year I decided to do things a little differently.
I decided that because I have a few other commitments on the board and because I wanted to feel like all of the work to put everything up, wasn't going to feel like it usually does...decorations up one day and down the next.
This year our decorations will be up twice as long as usual. This year the holiday decorations will be up for about 5 1/2 weeks.
I know...there is still a week to go before Thanksgiving.
Hey...the way I figure it...if it is good enough for the tv stations to start on Christmas sales, the internet to start on Christmas sales and the retail stores to start on Christmas sales....then it is good enough for me.
Below are some photos that I took of our holiday season decorations:

I put together a little North Pole on top of our new freezer

Various Santa's lining the stairs

Below is one of the souvenirs we brought back from our cruise this last Summer. We got this at the Brown Thomas store in Dublin, Ireland. If you turn the right side knob, the interior of the tv lights up, the train goes go around and around and the people move around. The tv also plays holiday songs. The store had a huge one of these for sale but it was being sold for several thousands of dollars. This miniature version suits our needs just fine.

Our holiday wreath we put together...kind of a log cabin, camping and fishing sort of theme

And here is our tree...love the fiber optic trees

Veronica has been under the weather lately, so I got her a dozen roses hoping that they would make her feel a little better.

This was originally a photo that I took while we were in Edinburgh, Scotland. I sent it in and had a canvas made from the photo. It really came out nice...this photo does no do it justice.
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