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If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the photographs that I have taken on Veronica and my various trips and adventures you can do so by clicking on the link(s) below. All photos that I have for sale on Fine Art America have been edited and will not have my watermark on them. You can buy prints of various types...framed or unframed, canvases, tote bags, duvet covers and even on shower curtains. There are many different options to have any of my photos put on.
Please feel free to click on the links below and take a look:

My Galleries On Fine Art America

Another Way To View My Photographs On Fine Art America

Almost Time To Start Gardening

With the warmer weather just around the corner I have been spending some time getting everything ready for this upcoming gardening season. The plants that I started from seeds are doing really well. My tomato plants are getting taller and my sweet pepper plants are looking really healthy. I planted approximately 5 different types of sweet peppers. Last count I have 35 healthy plants. I have 15 large pots on the back deck to transplant the peppers into at the right time. I will have quite a number of extra plants, which I will be giving away. I will also have extra tomato plants, which I have 3 varieties.
Yesterday I spent some time putting together a fenced in area where I will put approximately 4 tomato plants after I transplant them into my largest outdoor pots. I decided to move the tomatoes away from my pepper plants since last year I battled all kinds of diseases on both the tomato and pepper plants. This way if either the tomatoes or the pepper plants come down with a disease it won't have an impact on the other.
The location of this tomato cage is on the other side of the house next to the fence. This location gets a lot of sun which the tomato plants like. My only concern will be that the casge is next to our bird feeders and birds like to peck at the tomatoes. My plan is to cage in the whole area where my tomatoes will be growing in so that no birds can get to the plants and the tomatoes themselves.
Below are photos of my plants growing indoors and of my partially built tomato cage. All I need is some open air top to fully enclose the cage...either plastic fencing or wire fencing which will be carefully attached to the fence.
I figure that I will have everything planted outside by the end of this month...corn, potatoes, sweet peppers and my tomatoes.

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