Stormy Weather

For the last couple of days, the leftovers from Hurricane Ida have been paying us a visit. By the time it reached us, it was a tropical storm and is now considered a Nor'easter. We had a lot of rain...up to about 8-10" here and it was really windy. They clocked a couple of wind gust at approximately 75 miles per hour. We had to go out yesterday so that I could visit my doctor and get the pre-surgery checkup done. While at the doctors office, I got my pneumonia shot...I had already got my seasonal flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago. I am still awaiting the arrival of the H1N1 vaccine. My family doctor has not received it nor has my oncologist. Not sure when they will get it. We were planning on going shopping after my doctors visit but it was too nasty outside. Several streets were blocked off due to high water and you could see many vehicles stuck where they had tried to proceed through the high water. There also many locations where there is no electricity. There were many reports of electrical transformers blowing up. Today the winds have died down but there still is a little rain here and there. I was going to go out food shopping but I decided to wait until tomorrow and let the water on the roads subside. The last thing I want to do is get my vehicle stuck in high water.
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