7th Day Of Our Vacation In Paris, France Part #2

So here is the 2nd part of our 7th day in Paris...our day continues: 

There are many interesting passages in Paris. These passages are old fashioned shopping malls from the late 1700s and early 1800s. For more information on the numerous Paris Passages just click on the link

Below was a very interesting shop that we found in the Passage Du Grand Cerf. We had read about this store and I was interested in the numerous bowls of ornate drawer pulls or knobs that they had...which at times I have used in my art projects. After selecting a few of the drawer knobs I asked the owners if I could take a few photos of what was in the store. There were some natural vignettes that I found which I thought would make for some great photographs

I'm just hanging out with my older and bigger cousin
I feel left out and not part of the group
I found many different types of window displays and street art during our walks throughout Paris. Below are a few examples

I am guessing that this is a polar bear head sculpture in an art type of gallery

You could find this type of art/tagging in the some of the hardest to reach locations

No matter where we go Veronica and I always take at least one photograph of our shoes and some type of marker in the ground/concrete showing where we were at. We have photos of our shoes from many countries and cities. You see those Merrell shoes I am wearing at the bottom of this photos. Those Merrells are my favorite traveling shoes and have been in each and every one of these types of photos since we started this tradition years ago. I love my Merrells!!  Oh what a shameless plug that was...lol

Below are photos of Hotel de Ville which houses the city's local administration. This building is in the 4th arrondissement

Below is the Bazar De L'Hotel De Ville or also known as BVH. It is a department store on rue de Rivoli in the 4th arrodissement. It is part of the Groupe Galleries Lafayette. The store is also across the street from Hotel De Ville, where the local government offices are located

This line of bicycles reminded me of those we have seen in several other European countries where bicycling is used frequently and a major mode of transportation. Many of these bikes can be used by residents for free
We saw a lot of interesting and really beautiful architecture during our travels in Paris

A church that was being renovated
This is part of the Le Marais district
We saw many very long lines at some of the restaurants. The longest lines were at several of the restaurants or "fast food" locations that served Falafel. Falafel must be very popular in this area based on how long those lines were

We took a little break in this park

We think that this was a courtyard for a hotel. It was a really nice background for taking photos. Unfortunately I got asked to leave by someone I presume was the owner or occupant of one of the adjoining buildings that surrounded this nice courtyard. I was able to take a few photos before having to leave

After a full day of walking we returned to our Paris apartment. Below are photos of the exterior of the apartment building. It was an extremely secure building with a touch pad controller allowing one to gain entrance into a courtyard that was just be behind this heavy door. There was another key lock on another door to get into our building and one last security lock allowing us access in our actual apartment.

After taking a break in our apartment we went on an 1 1/2 - 2 hour Seine River cruise which allowed me the opportunity to take some night time photos while on board the boat. I tried some different editing techniques on some of these photos. The colorful reflections on the water were really nice and added a great touch to some of these photos

With the cruise coming to an end so did our 7th great day in Paris. I wonder what our 8th day will bring us.

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