Health Update

Veronica took some recent photos of my mouth while we were on our vacation. I thought that my mouth and tongue medical issues would be a problem while we were on vacation. As it turned out my tongue and mouth actually cleared up some and most of the pain that I was experiencing went away. I am starting back up on my secret medicinal weapon plan. I still have 5 out of the 6 weeks left to do on this plan. I had decided to do 1 week prior to leaving on our vacation.
Here are some of the most recent photos taken:

We Are Back Home From Our latest Adventure

Veronica and I are home from our latest adventure and boy did we see a lot and have a great time.
We are truly blessed to be able to travel to the places that we go to and spend the time together making those special memories that will last the rest of our lives.
I want to thank Veronica for doing all that she does to make it all happen for us. Spending this time with my wife, lover and best friend is a true blessing and one that I am forever grateful for.
With that being said it is time for me to begin working on all of the photos that we took.
I will be uploading them onto this blog as soon as I get everything prepared and ready.
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