Part #5 Photos Taken During Veronica And My Most recent Trip To Venice, Italy

This is Part 5 of our photographic journey through Venice, Italy
Today we headed to Murano. A boat ride took us to the island that is famous for the blown glass works of art that are created there. Murano became the center of Venetian glass making after the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction of the citys mostly wooden buildings, ordered glass makers to move their glass making foundries to Murano back in 1291. We had been to many of the foundries in previous visits so we decided to check out the neighborhoods and non-touristy portions of the island

Isola di San Michele

Below is the Cometa di Vetro (Comet Glass Star) by Simone Cenedese
Tower and glass art work in the Fondamenta dei Vetrai

The neighborhood areas were very quiet and peaceful

Below is the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato

Lovers Lamp posts

Many of the glass foundries had their own beautiful boats to ferry customers from Venice to Murano and their own foundry

Isola di San Michele Church and Monastery with the cemetery behind it

Below is "Dantes Barge " by Russian sculptor Georgy Frangulyan. This sculpture lays in the water between Fondamente Nove and the island of San Michele


During our stay in Venice we saw many different pieces and styles of artwork placed throughout Venice as part of the 2017 Venice Biennale. The 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia was being held in various locations throughout Venice starting  on May 13th, 2017 and remains open until November 26th, 2017
Below is Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn's massive new sculpture "Support" and is a stark warning on the impact of rising sea levels

3 little beauties lined up

Below is part of Damien Hirst Exhibition Treasures From The Wreck Of The Unexpected at Pallazzo Grassi

I really like the photo below. I find it quite interesting. I was looking into the boat trying to see the driver of the boat. I even enlarged the photo and what I think I could see was someone dressed in what I think is a light colored furry duck outfit. If anyone comes up with a better answer please let me know.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Below are photos of Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

St. Mark's Capanile
Part of the Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco dates from 1063
St. Mark's Clock Tower

Below is the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice. This building used to be flour mi8ll which has been refurbished into a unique hotel located on Giudecca Island

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