The Start Of A New Craft Room Project

We have been saving a bunch of wire baskets that that have hooks to be placed into a pegboard. Finally after several years of saving them up for a special use, the time has actually come to make use of them.
Veronica is in the process of getting various pieces of IKEA furniture for her studio. I will be putting pegboard on one side of these pieces.
Here is a picture of the piece of IKEA furniture that I will be attaching the pegboard to:
I went to Home Depot and purchased a rather large piece of pegboard and got it cut down to the right size to completely fir the back of this piece. The pegboard is already painted a powder white so I went ahead and bought a small can of Valspar Acrylic Latex gloss paint. 

After I paint both sides of the pegboard, I will line up the holes in the pegboard to the frame of the furniture unit and then drill holes into the unit. I will then use wood screws and washers to attach the pegboard to the back of the furniture unit.
Veronica will then be able to put her wire baskets up on this pegboard and utilize the baskets for additional storage.
Photos of this completed project will be forthcoming in the near future. 
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