2012 Cancer Society Relay For Life on the OBX

Once again Veronica, I and the rest of the TJ Maxx Team Maxxinista's For Life group, from the local store, will be heavily involved in this years Cancer Society Relay For Life event set for May.
I just found out the other day that our team won the Spirit Trophy Award which is quite the honor since we were up against 112 other highly dedicated and enthusiastic teams.
Last year I donated a couple of items for a raffle that our team held.
This year I plan on doing more.
The theme for our team is "Share A Heart". So in honor of that theme, I will be baking my well known cookies. They are well known at least within the local TJ Maxx store, where they have quite a following and have been requested on numerous occasions.
Because of our theme name, I will be calling my cookies...."From The Heart" cookies. All of the Love, Warmth and Comfort within each and every cookie.
Because of the number of cookies that we will need to pull this off in a positive way, I will be starting my cooking day rather early and figure that by the time it is all said and done, I will have baked anywhere between 300-400 cookies.
We will be putting 3 cookies into heart decorated cellophane gift baggies. Each baggy will sell for $1 each with all proceeds going to the Cancer Society.
There is plenty of time between now and baking day for me to stock up on ingredients when I find them on sale at out local grocery stores.
On another note...I have decided to go ahead and get my right knee repaired...torn medial and lateral meniscus. I go back to my doctor tomorrow morning and schedule the surgery for sometime shortly after Feb 9th.
I decided to go ahead and get it done. I found myself babying my knee and holding back on a lot of things that I enjoy doing out of fear that I would do more damage to it. I was originally planning on getting the surgery done next Fall, after we returned from our cruise.
I did not want to take any chances on damaging my knee prior to and during this cruise. By getting it done now, I will still be able to do everything I want during the Summer months and not have to worry about my knee when we go on that cruise.
There will be lots of walking and some rugged streets and terrain to cover while at the various ports in Norway, Iceland Ireland and Scotland, so I want to make sure that my knee is in good enough shape to handle the extensive walking that we will be doing.

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